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The PATH and subway are just a short walk away, giving guests easy access to Manhattan with its exciting nightlife. There is no transportation to Newark Airport, so it costs $50-60 each way if you fly into the area. Basically, you pay New York City rates for a view and a subway ride to and from New York City at its price, with no views and no subway rides in or out of the city.

Given this price, the hotel is competitive with other hotels in the area and a bargain compared to similar hotels outside Manhattan. When added up, the fees are higher than at other value hotels that offer parking as part of a package deal. Stay at the Westin Jersey City Hotel and you can stay at any of the other New York hotels for the same rate.

Jersey hotels will have to do more than offer cheaper rates, says Jan Freitag of Smith Travel Research, but if they do, the hotel should be able to "function well" as a new property.

If you can't keep quality beds and spacious rooms in a hotel, the indoor pool and hot tub will do it. Here you can get a deeper insight into this highly rated hotel and why you should stay at the Westin Hotel New Jersey in Jersey City, New Jersey. The Westins Hotel in New York offers all the amenities you would expect from a 4 star hotel: a short subway stop to and from New York and great views of the Hudson River.

Guests are also invited to enjoy the luxurious bathroom with custom shower heads and curved shower bars for added comfort and space. The bathroom also features a power shower head, which is sure to provide a refreshing start to the day.

If the quality beds and spacious rooms can't keep you in the hotel, the indoor pool and hot tub will do it. Fortify your body and soul at the Westinghouse Gym or relax in the heated indoor pools and hot tubs.

Save money: Being a 4-star luxury hotel, the Westin Hotel New Jersey will cost you less to stay at than a smaller Manhattan hotel. Drop anchor in Jersey City to help your cruise ship mates find their way to the beach or one of the many restaurants and bars along the coast. With the largest and most expensive hotel chain on the East Coast, the most exclusive resort on the West Coast and the largest resort in the United States, staying here can save you money. As a 4-star luxury hotel in New York City, and the fourth largest hotel on the East Coast of America, your stay may cost less than a small hotel outside Manhattan, or even less.

Travel across the river on the PATH train to the Westin Hotel New Jersey or stay in Manhattan for less than the cost of staying at a smaller hotel outside Manhattan.

The hotel is located near the marina and just a few blocks from the water, which offers plenty to do on your day trip. Newport Tube Station is less than 150 metres from this hotel and the Tube takes you to Time Square in less than an hour.

Guests are invited to relax in one of the world's leading spa facilities - leading quality spa facilities. Stay at the Westin for a beautifully designed bubble bath with views of the New York skyline, as the doctor has ordered. A full-service spa with private pool, sauna, steam room and private shower is available throughout your stay. I mentioned the cookies, they are also available in the hotel lobby and lobby bar.

Guests can shop and then almost immediately sink into a fluffy hotel pillow, literally into the former Newport Mall, where you'll find your favorite restaurants like the Cheesecake Factory. You may just want to relax and get ready for your next trip to New York City or New Jersey, or you may be coming to the Westin Hotel NewJersey for business or sightseeing, but you will hardly be able to leave your room. Guests can also shop at one of the largest shopping malls in the world, the Newport Mall in Newport, New York. You can come to the West to visit the New Jersey hotel for sightseeing or just to relax, but you can also simply relax in the private spa facilities at the hotel - one of the leading spa facilities of quality.

The rooms at Jersey City Hotel feature a four-poster bed and a sky bath, so you can relax and recharge your batteries by offering comfort that is often imitated but never doubled. Your room will be equipped with the best bed and bath amenities you will find at a reasonable price in Manhattan. The bed is equipped with luxury linens, an LCD TV and a fitness centre.

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